Business thinking best articulated as a problem to be solved or a solution to be designed is at the core of all work of Web of Comms. While there is always learning from the extensive experience of the team, their team is updated regularly because the past and the future, though similar, are different.

The key to business and marketing is managing conversations around the direction that is desired. Under this we offer a variety of tested solutions which can be customised as per the client. The combination of the homework and the creativity of the team at Web of Comms makes it unbeatable in providing solutions.

Business strategy creative

In this competitive age, a normal business strategy is not adequate – it seems as if everything that can be done has been done. Web of Comms specialises in creative business strategies – a way to prise open seemingly impossible areas. Of course, there are sane and more comfortable strategies that can and will be recommended. Web of Comms specialises in creating strategies that are innovative for the category and sometimes even new to the world. From a digital strategy well before its time for a FMCG brand to a market opening strategy for a software brand.

Look what we did for new brand called iSticker: Case study: iSticker business plan, investor pitch and marketing plan

feasibilityTaking a leaf from our approach to business strategies our job is to look at markets newly. Feasibility projects are not done with “whether” but with the question of “how to“. The endeavour of Web of Comms is to ensure success for the brand, such that it may sometimes even seem almost counter intuitive. But like one of our clients said after not following what we had recommended “We should have listened to you”.

business plan and investor pitch

Having won an award for our business plan and for our pitch, as well as having worked on many such, we have the skill sets to make your business plan a winsome one. The homework and the creativity combination of the team at Web of Comms makes it unbeatable in this area

Marketing strategy

The approach of Web of Comms to start from the very premise of the business strategy, and hence a deep dive into the overall objective, the target audience, the competition, before even looking at the marketing objective and strategy. The belief is that, only if the basics of the business strategy are sound, will the marketing strategy and plan be as required. With the team being well versed in all aspects of communication, and in keeping track of innovations of all kinds in the space of execution, the strategy becomes unique in thinking and execution.

Take a look at what we did for Newgen Software: Case study : Newgen some slides


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