Markets are conversations

— from the Cluetrain Manifesto

A brand is all the sum total of conversations about it.

Cascading conversations is the technique by which one can identify what to communicate, how to communicate such that the target consumers get the message and pass it further. This is what we truly specialize on, given the lack of actual talent in this space.

storytelling web of comms,

Marketing is telling stories to convince customers towards a moral that you want them to see or experience. Knowing what story to tell, how to tell the story, which medium to say the story, how to keep the attention of the audience in what and how you want is an art and a science. The team of Web of Comms is experienced in both of these having worked in advertising and marketing in many years. They are also adept and up to date with all technologies and how to tell stories in each medium. Offline and Online.

contentMany professionals do not think much about the importance of content especially in the digital space. Digital content like any other content needs to be written as per a coherent strategy – every piece, every word has to be present because of a reason. Imagine a single post can have the impact of an ad – the headline has to be well thought out to not just attract attention, but of the right target audience and create the beginning of the story. And in social media there could be about 2-4 posts a day. The impact of the post strategy and execution are equally important.

digital marketingOnly about a few years ago, all communication campaigns were thought offline media first and online media as an extension. Today we are marketing in the digital world, hence digital marketing is now mainstream. Hence campaigns need to be created digital first sometimes – this requires an understanding of business, customer behaviour, marketing channels etc as well as technological understanding, customer interaction with technology. The idea and the execution go hand in hand. Techie heavy digital services miss the customer end, and advertising heavy agencies miss the technology and interface perspective. Web of Comms provides a balance of the two along with the other elements. Having created and executed launch campaigns for offline companies, website design and SEO for only online companies, we have the experience to handle the entire gamut in between.


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