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The business objective is, the intended customer experience is the way to approach technology and business. Whether they be: user interface designing, app development, ebooks etc.

Augmented Reality is a new technology. This is a new capability that Web of Comms has cultivated. By using Augmented reality, Web of Comms is able to make boring brochures or books come alive.

Mobile first is our approach given that people are increasingly accessing the internet via smartphones. This is especially true in India where internet access via mobile overtook access via the PC in 2013.
We believe that User Interface design is more to do with undersatnding of business and the customer, and less about simply a good looking design.
The Web of Comm approach towards User Experience and User Interface Design is what new age deisgn is about. Technology understanding and design sensibilities go hand in hand – whether it be colours, messaging or HTML5, jquery etc.

water app homewater app usesMobile applications is about the business, the user experience and the technology. Web of Comms understands the specific nature of applications, on iOS or Android, create and market.

The picture on the left is an example of a water app that was created for a client. The 2nd half of the picture refers to a creative way to prompt the user to input certain data which he may have found cumbersome to input. This made the app richer in its use.

img_5089Web of Comms understands the art of story telling and the technology to help you publish it as ebooks – with or without multimedia. We have written ebooks for clients, some of which have been published for their use.

The picture on the left refers to a book for children called “Lisa. The elephant who played Holi”.


Web of Comms believes that design has purpose and invention built into it. Designs are not only technology oriented.

The picture on the left was an option for a brochure cover to be carried by a book publisher for school books for his launch in a new market. The idea was that of a paper satchel – complete with buckles and handles, all made of paper.

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